Web design

The creation of personal Web sites for all Faculty members is a FREE service courtesy of the Image Centre (W2/2H, tel.: (514) 398-4380) and the Department of Biology. The sites are designed, created and maintained by Carole Verdone-Smith, e-mail: carole.smith@mcgill.ca. We urge you to take advantage of this service. It’s simple and easy!

OK but what do I need to do? I don’t have that much time to deal with this…
E-mailing a Word document to Carole containing information you would like to see on your Web site is all that is needed to start. Along with your name and status in the Biology Department, the basic Web page should include:
1) Contact Information (Room number, telephone/fax number, e-mail address)
2) Description of Research
3) Publications (list of articles which can be linked to online articles or PDFs)

Other sections may include:
4) Educational Background
5) Lab Members (list and contact information)
6) Links to other sites or projects of interest
7) Personal Interests
The content is entirely up to you. More information can be added at any time.

What about pictures? Plain text on a Web page is just SO boring…
If you already have digital images (JPG or GIF format) that you would like to use on your Web site, just e-mail these along. In the Word document, you can specify where you would like the placement of the picture. Note: The Image Centre provides FREE photographic services for Web purposes. If you need a portrait of yourself or pictures taken of lab members, research specimens, equipment, laboratories, etc…this can be arranged. Contact Carole or Guy L’Heureux (guy.lheureux@mcgill.ca) to make an appointment. We also offer FREE scanning services if the photos you would like to use are only available in a print, slide or negative format.

How do I know what the Web site will look like? Can I view it before it goes on-line?

Of course! A sneak peek will be available to you (and only to you) from a “test” site on the server. You will be given the URL so you can look at your Web site under construction; your feedback and input are expected! Contact Carole with comments and suggestions. Your Web site will be put on line and linked to the Faculty list only when you are satisfied with the final product.

What about maintaining my personal Web site? How often is it updated?

A Web site is a work in progress. Your site will be updated as often as you provide the changes; simply e-mail revised text documents, additions to publications, links to complete articles in PDF format, new photos, etc… the changes will be done within a day or two. If you have a Web program and would like to do your own revisions, the entire folder containing your .html files will be given to you; the edited files or folder can be e-mailed to Carole for uploading to the server.

All this sounds too easy! What should be my very first step?
Take a few minutes to browse other members’ Web sites (either in our Faculty or anywhere else on the World Wide Web), and find a “look” that appeals to you. Designing details such as color schemes, backgrounds, fonts, etc…can be made to fit your personal tastes. As soon as a basic design is chosen and you start sending send some content, the creation of your Web site will begin!