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September 201515

Catherine Potvin has been awarded a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. Vist the Royal Society of Canada website for the full list of nominations.

Launch at Americana - 18 March 18, 2015

A scholarly consensus on science-based, viable solutions for greenhouse gas reduction. Produced by Sustainable Canada Dialogues, an initiative under the UNESCO- McGill Chair for Dialogues on Sustainability and the Trottier Institute for Science and Public Policy. Sustainable Canada Dialogues has mobilized over 60 Canadian scholars from every province, representing climate change expertise in areas from engineering to sociology.

>> download the summary and the position paper

March 2015

With its vast potential of renewable resources Canada could reach 100% low carbon electricity production in 2035.

Interview with Dr. Catherine Potvin "Et si le Canada donnait l'exemple?" (March 3, 2015)

December 2014

The visit of Alberta’s Premier Jim Prentice with Quebec and Ontario’s Premiers to promote the Energy East project emphasizes the importance to discuss an Eastern Canada Energy Strategy that goes beyond Québec and Ontario. Expanding on the conclusions coming out of a workshop initiated by the Sustainable Canada Dialogues, scholars from New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Québec and Ontario produced a white paper identifying key goals and priorities for action on energy from the perspective of Eastern Canada. It shows that cooperation in the energy sector could facilitate the adoption of efficient climate mitigation. The white paper contains substantive proposals building on the energy-trade agreement announced by the Premiers of Ontario and Quebec in late November.
>> Download the White paper on Elements of an Eastern Canada Energy Strategy

October / November 2014
SCD scholars underlined the important contribution of the 5th Assessment Report recently published by the IPCC.

On September 23rd Dr Potvin had the opportunity to speak to the media about the New York Climate Summit in three languages:

On September 21st, members of the Sustainable Canada Dialogues organized and co-organized events in the context of the People’s climate March held in New York. From East to West we were active in Sydney, Cape Breton, Montréal, Toronto and Victoria.
Download our Opinion piece "September 21st: Because tomorrow is today..."

Learn more through the newspapers:

On September 16th, The Gazette published a letter written by 50 scholars from the Sustainable Canada Dialogues calling attention on the mobilization surrounding the UN Climate Summit.

Additional Medias picked it up: