General Student Services Offered at McGill


In addition to faculty and departmental advisors, McGill provides a wide array of student services to assist you during your stay at McGill.

  • financial aid
  • housing
  • employment
  • orientation program
  • study skills workshop
  • tutorial services
  • career counseling
  • francophone help
  • students with disabilities
  • health service
  • counseling
  • service international
  • students athletics
  • student rights
  • chaplaincy service

Please consult McGill's Student Services website

Counselling Service:
The Counselling Service offers individual and group counselling. In previous years they have offered help to deal with test anxiety, organization and study skills, building self-esteem, living with loss, and various other issues which may be of concern to students.

Career Planning Service (Ca.P.S.):
The McGill Career Planning Service is there to help students make decisions about their future, whether exploring careers, pursuing work, or looking to apply to graduate school. They offer a full range of services and tools, including: individual advising appointments, CV and application review, workshops and programs, opportunities to meet industry professionals at career events, on-campus recruitment activities, access to their job postings database, and an extensive resource library.

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Other Resources

Computing Centre:
The computing centre, located in Burnside Hall, offers a wide variety of seminars for students, provides information about McGill's computer labs, and offers assistance in accessing McGill's computer network via modem.

Library services include orientation lectures and tours, instructional seminars for students, as well as assistance in using research facilities such as such as McGill's online catalogue and other electronic resources.

Reading/Writing Workshops:
Student Services offer Reading and Study Skill Workshops on such subjects as reading for comprehension and retention, writing term papers, and writing essay or multiple choice exams.

(Also see Student Resources)