Research Opportunities


McGill is a research oriented university and the Department of Biology offers students a variety of opportunities to engage in exciting research projects. These may be grouped under two headings: the Honours Research program and Independent Research Projects.

Honours Program in Biology

The Honours Program in Biology is designed expressly as a preparation for graduate study and research. It provides students with an enriched training in Biology as well as some research and scientific reading experience in a chosen area.

Students may apply to enter the Honours Program in Biology near the end of the U2 year by contacting Nancy Nelson, N7/9B, phone; (514) 398-4109, e-mail:
[For more details, please visit the Honours Program in Biology]

Independent Research Projects

For Biology Students: The purpose of the Independent Research projects is to give students an opportunity to experience biological research. Independent research projects can be initiated at any time during the student's career in the Biology Department and may continue for 1 to 2 terms (3 to 9 credits). Students may use these research courses as complementary credits for their Biology programs.

Independent research projects can be undertaken with any member of the department. The student may choose the professor whose research they find interesting and exciting. In order to begin a project, the student must arrange with a department member to oversee their project. The exact nature of the project is determined by consultations between the student and the professor.

When the project is finished, the student must prepare a written report on their work and submit it to the research supervisor to be marked. The final mark for the course is a compound of the marks both for the report and for the actual lab work.

Forms to download:

Forms must be filled out, signed and submitted to Nancy Nelson, Stewart N7/9B, at the beginning of the term in which the work is to be done.

For non-Biology Students: Biol 396, a three (3) credit Research Project is available to non-Biology students. This course must be used as elective credits only. Please visit this link: