Opportunities in Biology


Students who graduate with an undergraduate degree in Biology tend to follow three traditional paths:

1. Applying  to a Professional School to work in a specified career such as:

  • Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Nursing
  • Physical and Occupational Therapy
  • Law
  • Speech Therapy
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Pharmacy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Teaching (eg MasterŐs Program in Teaching and Learning)
2. Applying to Graduate School to work in research and development in places like:

  • Academia
  • Research Institutes
  • Government Agencies
  • Research Funds Administration
  • Private Industry
  • Genetic Counseling
3. Applying to Work in an entry level position such as:

  • Lab or Research Assistant
  • Technician
  • Clinical Assistant
  • Biological Researcher
  • Ecologist
Depending on a student's area of interest, skill set, additional training, and experience gained through summer employment, internships, extra curricular activities, and volunteering, they can potentially use their science knowledge in combination with:
1. Business in positions such as:

    • Marketing
    • Public Relations
    • Consulting
    • Human Resources
    • Investment Advisor
    • Quality Control / Quality Assurance
    • Sales Representative
2. Education in positions such as:

    • Teaching Assistant
    • Educator / Trainer
    • Advisor

3. Communications in positions such as:

    • Technical / Scientific Writer
    • Editor
    • Web Developer / Producers
    • Journalist
    • Medical Illustrator

4. Other positions such as:

    • Patent Agent
    • Policy Analyst
    • Fundraiser
    • Data Management Administrator
    • Public Health Office

The opportunities following a bachelor degree in Biology are quite diverse. Many graduates will work in a variety of industries for a variety of employers such as:

Public Health
Research Centers
Rehabilitation Centers
Medical Supply Companies
Management Consulting
Health Care
International Agencies
Agriculture & Forestry

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