Credit Weight/Workload Policy


The Science Faculty has adopted the following policy on Credit Weight/Workloads:

"The credit assigned to a particular course should reflect the amount of effort it demands of the student. For the average student, one credit will represent an average of three hours total work per week over one semester - including a combination of lecture hours, other contact hours, such as laboratory periods, tutorials, and problem periods, as well as personal study time."

e.g. BIOL 112: 3 credits (2-3-4) signifies a three credit course with 2h lecture, 3h lab and 4h personal study time per week.

Lecture Hours: Required class meetings.
Other Contact Hours: e.g. Labs; Conferences; Tutorials; Seminars
Personal Study Time: This refers to unscheduled, personal study time which will vary from student to student, but is a measure of the instructor's expectation of the work required for an average student to get an average course grade.