BIOL 580 (Fall)

Genetic Approaches to Neural Systems

A. Watt Bellini 265 (514) 398-2806
3 credits (3-0-6)
BIOL 306 or NSCI 200 or NSCI 201 or PHGY 311 or permission of instructor.

This course is an examination of recent research employing cutting-edge genetic tools to examine the functional and structural properties of the nervous system. The focus will be on genetic methods for studying neural circuits and behavior, in a range of model organisms. Topics will include recent technological advances, such as optogenetics for modifying and controlling neuronal activity, and animal models of neurological diseases. Students will critically analyze the application of these methods to current research through in-class discussion of primary literature, student presentations, and written assignments, as well as peer evaluation of the work of other students.

Recent research articles.
Background lectures will be given on specific topics. The focus of the class will be on student presentations, discussion and critical evaluation of primary research articles.
Participation in discussions, presentation, term paper, assignments, peer evaluation  
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