BIOL 553 (Winter)

Neotropical Environment (3 credits)

Winter Term in Panama

C. Potvin S3/27 (514) 398-3730
Spanish Language Elementary HISP 218 or equivalent, Principles of Statistics MATH 203 or equivalent,  BIOL 215  or both ENVR 200 and ENVR 202,  and permission of Panama program coordinator.
ENVR 451 (Research in Panama), AGRI 550 (Sustained Tropical Agriculture) and GEOG 498 (Humans in Tropical Environments)
This course is limited to those students taking the full Field Study Semester in Panama.
This course is taught over three weeks in January at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) in Panama. Students study tropical ecology and species richness through field trips.  These excursions develop an understanding of the challenges of sampling and measuring biodiversity in species rich areas. Ecological theory and methodology is revisited in view of tropical conditions. The course also documents the conservation status of ecosystems, communities and species in Panama.  It ends with a workshop on indigenous knowledge.
The course is intensive and involves two continuous weeks of field work. Field-trips bring students in contact with forest canopy, semi-dry, cloud and mangrove forests.
Based on participation in field work, practical exercises and a diary.  

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