BIOL 530 (Winter)

Advances in Neuroethology

S. Woolley (Coordinator) N4/8 (514) 398-2324
T. Ohyama          
(514) 398-2124
3 credits (3-0-6)
BIOL 306 or NSCI 200 or PHGY 311 or permission of instructor
The course will consider the neural mechanisms underlying behaviour, focusing on specializations of neural circuits for particular behavioural functions.  Specific topics will vary according to the current literature, but may include communication, navigation, social behaviour, visually guided behaviour, escape behaviour, orientation, neurogenetics of behaviour and locomotion.
Recent research articles and reviews.
Each new topic will be introduced by a lecture, supplemented by assigned reading.  The following  classes will be devoted to student seminars and  critical discussions of recent research articles.

Participation in discussions, presentation of an original research article, assignments on myCourses related to articles covered in student presentations, term paper

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