BIOL 524 (Fall)

Topics in Molecular Biology

H. Clarke MUHC Research Institute (514) 934-1934 x34748
D. Dankort Bellini 264 (514) 398-2307
3 credits (0-2-7)
BIOL 300, BIOL 303 or permission of the instructors. Enrolment is limited to 12 students.
This seminar course will consider the most recent literature in the fields of molecular biology of development and cancer. Topics will be drawn from the genetics of model organisms and humans, cell biology, cell differentiation and development, and genetic diseases.
Research papers and recent reviews.
Each student will present a seminar and lead the subsequent discussions. of recent publications, present a one-hour seminar and lead the subsequent discussion. Students also submit written questions pertaining to the research papers being discussed at each seminar presentation and are expected to participate in the discussion of those papers. Each student also submits an end-of-term paper providing a critical evaluation of two papers that he or she has chosen from the literature and which are relevant to one of the topics presented in class.

The students will be graded on the quality of their presentations, the submitted questions for other presentations, their participation in group discussions and the end-of-term paper.

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