BIOL 479 D1/D2 (Fall & Winter) - Honours Research Project 1 (9 credits)


BIOL 480 D1/D2 (Fall & Winter) - Honours Research Project 2 (12 credits)

G. Brouhard (Director) 
Bellini 267
(514) 398-2984
& Staff
N. Nelson (Advisor) 
(514) 398-4109
Procedures & Prerequisites:  Restricted to U3 students in the Biology Honours Program.
Restricted to U3 students in the Biology Honours Program. Projects must be arranged individually with and accepted by a staff member of the Biology Department. Students must email the Honours Advisor their intent by June 1 of the year prior to the final year. The proposed supervisor must also email acceptance of the student.

A completed application form available on the web ( and an Abstract must be submitted to the Honours Director and Advisor by the first week of September.  Applications should, therefore, be considered as competitive.  A research proposal must be submitted by October 15.

The proposal will be reviewed by the student’s Honours Committee member(s), an instructor in the student's field of study. The major objective of the course is to provide an introduction to the design, execution and reporting of research.  The number of projects that can be handled is limited and their quality will be examined carefully.
These courses are intended to allow students to obtain in-depth training in their major field of interest. Programs of independent study pursued under these course numbers will usually consist of a project and include preparatory reading and a comprehensive written report and an oral presentation.

On overall performance in the various parts of the program. Evaluation will be the responsibility of the supervisor in consultation with the member(s) of the supervisory committee.

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