BIOL 335 (Summer)

Marine Mammals (3 credits)

Huntsman Marine Science Center (HMSC), New Brunswick
(2 weeks in August)

Huntsman Marine Science Center

A. Babin
Huntsman Marine Science Centre
BIOL 205

The course is taught at the Huntsman Marine Science Centre, St. Andrews, N.B. during the middle two weeks of August. It is an introduction to the biology of marine mammals with special emphasis on the whales and seals of the Bay of Fundy and Northwest Atlantic waters, though the diversity of marine mammals throughout the globe will be discussed. There will be frequent field trips to observe marine mammals in their natural habitat. Lectures and laboratory sessions will cover such topics as: species identification, evolution, adaptations and current research techniques. For more information see the Undergraduate Coordinator in N7/9A - Stewart Biology Building, or visit the web site at:

The minimum of 130 contact hours over the two-week period combines formal lectures, laboratory exercises, field trips, and individual research projects.
Individual and group presentations and reports, class debate, final exam
Note:  Students must APPLY EARLY TO  HUNTSMAN, well before registering with McGill.

McGill University values academic integrity. Therefore all students must understand the meaning and consequences of cheating, plagiarism and other academic offences under the Code of Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures (see for more information).

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