BIOL 331 (Fall)

Ecology/Behaviour Field Course (3 credits)

Schedule: Field studies in the last two weeks of August
In 2019: Monday, August 19th - Friday, August 30th

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S. Reader (Coordinator) N7/12 (514) 398-6421
A. Hargreaves N6/11 (514) 398-7401
R. Barrett Redpath Museum (514) 398-4086 ext00856

The professors teaching the course vary from year to year, as do the specific dates of the course but in general the course is taught the last two weeks before classes begin. Check the course web site in late winter for specific teachers and course dates for the coming fall.
The aim of this course is to provide training in basic methods for the quantitative study of plant and animal systems and the testing of hypotheses in nature. The course is held at McGill's Gault Nature Reserve on Mont St. Hilaire. During the first part of the course students participate in 3-4 modules structured to provide experience in the study of both aquatic and terrestrial environments. Each module is organized around a research problem and includes elements of experimental design, data collection, analysis and interpretation. Two-and-a-half days are devoted to independent research projects designed and executed by students working singly or in small teams. This independent study project forms the basis of a written report which is completed in September after the conclusion of the field component. This is an excellent introduction to field studies in the environmental sciences that provides an affordable and stimulating experience under the guidance of 3-4 professors representing a variety of perspectives on ecology and animal behaviour.
Although this is technically a fall course, it is in fact completed by October. The course begins with a 12-day field course during the last two weeks of August just before fall classes (specific dates vary year to year), followed by completion of an independent project in early fall. You can count on spending the equivalent of one full week during the first three weeks of the fall term in analysis of results, literature review and report writing.
On basis of field work and written report.
Students should contact Susan Gabe (Stewart Building, N7/9) before June 1 to sign up for the course (16 slots, first come first served). The required application form and additional information can be found on the BIOL 331 web site.

Be aware that your deposit will be refundable up to June 30, but not after that.  We will maintain a waiting list once 16 people have signed up on MINERVA; if someone drops the course than students on the waiting list will be allowed to register in the order in which their applications were received.  A minimum of 12 students is required for the course to be offered.  Deposits will be returned to students if the course is not given.

McGill University values academic integrity. Therefore all students must understand the meaning and consequences of cheating, plagiarism and other academic offences under the Code of Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures (see for more information).

Last update: April 1, 2019