BIOL 305 (Winter)

Animal Diversity

H. Larsson
Redpath Museum
(514) 398-4086 ext 089457
D. Green Redpath Museum (514) 398-4088
A. Hendry Redpath Museum (514) 398-4086 ext00880
G. Bell Redpath Museum (514) 398-6458
3 credits (2-3-4)
BIOL 215 or both ENVR 200 and ENVR 202

This course will provide a systematic survey of the major animal groups, emphasizing their evolution and phylogeny. It will use the collections and exhibits of the Redpath Museum to provide first-hand experience of the groups described in the lectures.

There is no textbook for the course, but the following text is recommended:
Hickman C, Roberts L, Keen S, Larson A, Eisenhour D (2011) Animal Diversity. 7th ed. McGraw-Hill.
Each lecture will be posted on myCourses and may be accompanied by required and / or supplementary readings. Laboratory handouts will be made available each week on myCourses
One one-hour lecture and 1 three-hour laboratory each week. The lectures are intended to provide a systematic treatment of the major groups of animals. Lab sessions are intended to provide first-hand experience of the animal groups described in the lectures. Each lab will feature comparative material from the Museum collections, giving examples of the principal types within major groups of animals. Labs may also make use of material from the permanent exhibits of the Museum and audio-visual presentations.

Midterm exam; final exam; weekly lab assignments and quizzes

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