BIOL 112 (Winter)

Cell and Molecular Biology (3 credits)

J. Dent (Coordinator)
(514) 398-3724
F. Schoeck
(514) 398-6434
A.M. L'Heureux (Lab Coordinator)
Lyman Duff, D6
(514) 398-6404
3 credits (2-3-4)
None; however, a year of college general chemistry is strongly recommended. Enrolment in this course is limited.
AEBI 122. Not open to students who have passed Biology Objective 00XU (401) at CEGEP.
The course provides an over-view of cell and molecular biology for all Science students and others intending to pursue further studies in the biological sciences. For several of the topics, the emphasis in the lectures is on the scientific method and historical development of our current understanding. In a weekly one-hour conference, students will have the opportunity to discuss many of the important social issues that arise out of the discipline.

  • Biomolecular Structures of Proteins, Nucleic acids, and Lipids
  • Organization of the Cell
  • Biomembrane Structure and Function
  • Enzymes and Enzyme Catalysis
  • Cell Energetics and Thermodynamics
  • Respiration
  • Photosynthesis
  • Mitosis and Meiosis
  • Mendelian Genetics
  • DNA Replication
  • Gene Transcription
  • Protein Synthesis
  • mRNA Splicing
  • Control of Gene Expression
  • Recombinant DNA Technology
  • Genetic Disease
Biological Science, by Freeman, Harrington, Sharp, 2nd Canadian edition, 2014 (optional)
Two hour-lectures and one two hour-lab per week
Lecture: multiple-choice midterm and final examinations.
Lab: weekly in-lab discussions and pre-lab summaries, one lab presentation.

Note: BIOL 111 and 112 serve as equivalents to required CEGEP courses and as pre-requisites to several key courses in Biology programs.
Note: Attendance at first lab is mandatory to confirm registration in the course. Students who fail to attend will lose their place to others on the waiting list.


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