BIOL 101 (Fall)

Organismal Biology Laboratory (1 credit)

Not open to students who have passed Biology Objective 00UK at CEGEP, or are taking, or have taken BIOL 111.  Enrolment in this course is limited.  Requires permission of the Biology Advisor.

A. Hendry (Co-coordinator)
Redpath Museum
(514) 398-4086 ext00880
& Staff      
A.M. L'Heureux (Lab Coordinator)
Lyman Duff, D6
(514) 398-6404
May only be taken by transfer students who have completed elsewhere the lecture component but not the laboratory of BIOL 111, and only with permission of the Biology Advisor.  *Not open to students who have taken or are taking BIOL 111.
The laboratory component of BIOL 111.  Weekly, 3 hrs.  Exploration of plant and animal morphology through the use of dissections and demonstrations, computer simulations, and a research project. Once registered, email to be entered on BIOL 111 myCourses.
 Lab work 100%( including laboratory assignments, a lab research project, and presentations)

Note:  Attendance at first lab is mandatory to confirm registration in the course. Students who fail to attend will lose their place to others on the waiting list.
Note:  One or more additional morning labs may open up if enrolment is high

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Last update: March 2, 2018


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