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The goal of McGillŐs field studies program is to move the classroom into the field and to teach using real examples in a hands-on learning environment. The key issues for the Arctic are a function of its cold polar environment, its cultural makeup, an economy driven by natural resources, its remote geography and climate change. These issues are not mutually exclusive; rather they are interconnected through a complex network of feedbacks such that a change in one area has significant impacts on the other areas. The primary mission of the McGill Arctic Field Studies is to train a future generation of northern specialists and leaders who are able to understand and address the rapidly changing polar environment in a scientifically and culturally responsible manner.

This mission includes:

a) to train students about the unique nature of the arctic's physical environment
b) to introduce students to the social and cultural framework that drives how the Canadian North is developed
c) to introduce students to the challenges of arctic field work
d) to train students in the fundamentals of field science

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Internships & Field Studies Office
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