Concentration advisors in Biology


The advisor in Biology is Nancy Nelson (in W3/25) and she should be consulted about your program on a regular basis. For further information about your chosen major (such as graduate schools, research and job opportunities etc), the following professors can also be consulted.


Molecular Genetics and Development

  • Cell Biology: Brouhard, Dankort, Schoeck, Vogel, Weber, Western, Zetka, Zheng
  • Developmental Biology: Abouheif, Dent, Lasko, Moon, Nilson, Roy, Schoeck, Western
  • Mammalian Genetics: Dankort, Hekimi, Palmour
  • Molecular Genetics: Dankort, Hekimi, Lasko, Moon, Schoeck, Western, Zetka, Zheng

Neurobiology: Dent, Hendricks, Reader, Sakata, Watt, Woolley

Human Genetics: Rosenblatt, Palmour

Evolutionary Biology: Abouheif, Bell, Bureau, Davies, Green, Hendry, Larsson, Lechowicz, Schoen

Biological Diversity and Systematics: Abouheif, Bell, Davies, Gonzalez, Green, Hendry, Larsson

Behaviour: Lefebvre, Reader, Sakata, Woolley

General and Applied Ecology: Chapman, Fussmann, Gonzalez, Gregory-Eaves, Guichard, Lechowicz, Potvin, Schoen

Aquatic Ecology: Chapman, Fussmann, Gregory-Eaves, Guichard, Price

Marine Biology: Guichard, Price

Conservation Biology: Chapman, Gonzalez, Green, Potvin


Biology: Guichard, Vogel; Mathematics: Hundemer; Physics: François; Computer Science: Blanchette, Ruths, Waldispuhl; Honours QB: Vogel

Honours Program in Biology, Advisor Brouhard
Honours QB - Vogel

Advisor - Nancy Nelson

Biology & Mathematics: Guichard, Hundemer
Computer Science & Biology: Vogel
, Blanchette

Minor in Biology: Nelson
Biotechnology: BSc students please see Nancy Nelson for advising. BENG students please see Engineering Student Affairs for advising
Neuroscience: Ryan Bouma
Science for Arts Students: Lefebvre

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Professors On Leave:

Ehab Abouheif - Sept. 1/17 August 31/18
Lauren Chapman - July 1/17 - December 31/17
Melania Cristescu - Sept. 1/17 August 31/18
David Dankort - Sept. 1/17 August 31/18
Siegfried Hekimi - July 1/17 December 31/17
Brian Leung January - 1/18 June 30/18
Richard Roy January - 1/18 December 31/18
Alanna Watt Sept. - 1/17 August 31/18
Monique Zetka Sept. - 1/17 August 31/18