Information regarding field trips

Limnology is a field-oriented science and to capture this, we will be running two field trips (in lieu of labs at the Stewart Biology building). The field trips will be held at McGill's Gault Nature Reserve. The station is about ~1.5 hrs drive east of Montreal. We will have the opportunity to study lakes (Lac Hertel) and ponds on and outside the Reserve.


Students will be housed in dormitories on site and meals will be provided by the station. Vegetarian meals will be available, but students need to notify Dr. Gregory-Eaves early in September.


Because we will be spending a fair amount of time on the water, we require that all students have the ability to swim. In addition, lifejackets must be worn when out on boats.

Purpose of the two field trips

The focus of the first field trip will be to introduce students to some of the equipment and the practical aspects of doing limnology in the field. Over the course of the weekend, students will collect data characterizing the physical, chemical and biological structure of two lakes at the station and the data will be discussed in class. For the second weekend, the students will work in groups and develop their own research project. A short proposal and equipment list will be required one week before the second field trip.


Towards the end of the course, student teams will be expected to give an in-class oral presentation outlining their study objectives, methods, results and discussion.

What to bring

You will want to bring at least the following items on the field trip as it might rain and get cold at night:


  • rain jacket
  • rain pants (if you have them, or at least a second pair of regular pants)
  • boots
  • hat or toque
  • gloves
  • warm sweater
  • notepad, pen and pencil
  • sleeping bag
  • towel
  • flashlight or headlamp