An ecology course (either BIOL 215 or WILD 205 or equivalent or both ENVR 200 and 202) and an organismal laboratory course (BIOL 206 or WILD 200 or equivalent) and permission of the Course Coordinator are prerequisites. Space is limited to 21 students, and the course will be held only if 12 or more students enroll. Students from outside Biology or outside McGill are welcome if space is available. Interested individuals should fill out an application form and email it as an attachment to Prof. Fred Guichard by Dec. 7th, 2018.

We recommend waiting until after information meeting - Nov. 7th at 5:30pm in Stewart N7/1 - before filling out the form.

If the class is not full by end of November, applications will be accepted until the class fills or the registration deadline in January (see below). If there are more applications than space available, participants will be selected from among those who submitted applications by the deadline on the basis of their preparation and academic need for the course; students who will complete their requirements before January 2019 will be given preference over students who will have the chance to take the course in future years.

A list of students accepted into the course and a waiting list will be posted on Dec. 7th, 2018. Typically, some of the students who apply and are accepted into the course elect not to pay the initial deposit, or for personal reasons, drop out in the winter semester. If this happens, students will be offered their position in the course according to their position on the waiting list.


(Complete instructions for registration will be emailed to students.)

  1. Pay the deposit into your Student Account
2. Email Student Accounts ( using "Deposit Biology BIOL 334" in the subject line.
3. Inform Student Accounts that $500 has been deposited into your account, earmarked for BIOL 334D1/D2.
4. Make sure you include your ID number and email.


The final cost will be presented at the information session in November.
All students must be able to provide proof of adequate health insurance.

Students permitted to enroll must register for the course before the end of the January 2019 drop/add period.

Each individual is responsible for ensuring that she or he has the appropriate documents to enter Barbados. Citizens of Canada or the U.S.A. require a passport, and it would be advisable to apply soon if you do not already have one. Citizens of most other countries will require visas, which require an application to the Barbados High Commission in Ottawa (allow at least two months). Individuals who have been in a yellow fever zone will require proof of immunization.


For those students who have already decided to take the course, you may want to consider getting vaccinations for hepatitis A and B early. It takes six months to gain full immunity. Consult your doctor or check out  the following:

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Last update: Oct. 12, 2018