The course is partially subsidized by the Biology Department, so the fees are kept as low as possible. The course fee for 2019 is $1,636.

This fee covers the course pack, room and board at Bellairs and all other expenses during the course. It does not cover tuition, airfare, flight insurance, airport taxes, meals in transit, or the cost of supplementary health insurance.

Students will make their own travel arrangements. Tickets for this period are about $600-$800. Fuel surcharges are highly variable but could be expected to add $50-$100 per ticket. Participants are advised to keep alert for discounts and seat sales. A taxi from the airport to Bellairs costs about $40, but if enough participants are arriving on the same flight, we may be able to share a larger vehicle which would lower the costs.

Cancellation insurance depends on the duration and conditions of the ticket. A reasonable guess would be about $50 for a 2-3 week stay. The airport taxes are about CA$30 in Barbados. Supplementary health insurance costs vary considerably depending on what sort of health coverage you have already. For Canadians less than 25 years of age, who already have provincial health coverage, it will probably be around $35. All participants are required to have adequate health coverage. The above prices are based on last year, are subject to change and should be checked out individually.

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Last update: Nov. 8, 2018