The course is too time-consuming for a relaxed experience of Barbados. Therefore, students who would like to remain in Barbados for a week or two are permitted to stay on at Bellairs at a reasonable cost, providing there is space available. Sometimes it is also possible to arrive before the course and stay at similar rates.

Sometimes, researchers using the Bellairs Research Institute are interested in hiring students who have taken Applied Tropical Ecology as research assistants. More frequently, there are opportunities to volunteer for various research projects, usually in exchange for room and board. In previous years, volunteers were needed in projects associated with marine turtle conservation, bird behaviour, mongoose ecology and reef fish studies. Airfare is sometimes higher for stays longer than 3 or 4 weeks.

Professors with research activities in Barbados or research interests that could be pursued in Barbados are sometimes willing to act as supervisors for students who would collect data for an Independent Studies Project after completion of the Applied Tropical Ecology course. Usually, students remain in Barbados to collect their data and analyze and write up the results during the following academic year. Students who are interested in pursuing these options are advised to contact potential supervisors as soon as possible. faculty members, as well as their Areas of Studies, can be found at:

Students who are Canadian citizens or landed immigrants and have excellent grades may apply for NSERC Summer Undergraduate Research Awards program ( in the fall. This award funds research that could be carried out in Barbados. All undergraduates, including graduating students, are eligible for these awards. NSERC provides a stipend, but, since students are being paid, the research cannot also be used for Independent Studies credit. Students must make their own arrangements for completing independent projects and holding summer awards with individual professors. Students (or their supervisors) will be responsible for the additional room and board costs of any additional time in Barbados.

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Last update: Oct. 12, 2018