Biology B. Sc. Programs

There are several types of departmental programs in Biology with differing levels of specialization:

*Within the Biology Major Program is an Option in Quantitative Biology (73 credits).
**Within the Honours Program in Biology is an Option in Honours Quantitative Biology (79 credits)

Students in the Faculty of Science may also select an 18-25 credit Minor Program which is completed in parallel with the departmental program. These require a minimum of 18 non-overlapping credits. Minors are offered by the Faculty of Science; also several Minor Concentrations offered by the Faculty of Arts and other faculties are open to science students (Minor programs are listed in the Science section of the Calendar).

Courses used to fulfill program requirements must be passed with grades of "C" or better. The remaining credits for the bachelors degree (electives) may be selected from offerings of the Faculties of Arts and Science plus a limited number of courses from other faculties.


Students who have already passed the equivalent of a required course at CEGEP, or have exemptions granted for work done elsewhere, should consult the Undergraduate Advisors regarding substitutions.

Pre-Program Requirements

Requirements for the Major and Honours programs in Biology are 2 courses in elementary Biology, 2 courses in General Chemistry, 2 courses in Mathematics and 2 courses in Physics (Mechanics and Electromagnetism).

Students entering into the BA & SC, the Liberal Program and the Biology Science Minor have the same Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics requirements.

The Physics requirements will vary according to their future direction. All students need to take PHYS 101 or 131.  If the student intends to eventually take either BIOL 301 or BIOL 306, then PHYS 102 or 142 is also required.

Note: Students planning to take one of the Joint Programs or the Quantitative Biology Option should consult the Undergraduate Advisor to ensure they are taking the appropriate pre-requirements.