BIOL 331 - Ecology and Behaviour Field Course


Mont St Hilaire
Monday, August 20 – Friday, August 31, 2018

How to get there
Take a bus from the Longueuil Metro Station (STCUM, Circuit 200) to Mont St Hilaire. Depending on traffic, the ride takes about 40 minutes. When you get to Beloeil pay attention. After the bus crosses the Richelieu River and goes up the hill under a railroad viaduct to a stop light, get off and look for a Biology Department van. This is the first bus stop in the town of Mont St. Hilaire. If you miss it, there is another stop just two blocks down the road. Plan to leave Longueuil at 2:20 or 3:20 on the Thursday when the course starts (or as near as possible to these times, if schedules change). If there is a bus strike, there will be a pick-up by van at the metro around that time. Drivers with private cars are encouraged to form a car pool with friends, and to let the course coordinator know that you plan to arrive by car. Students who do not have a lift with a friend will be taken back to the bus stop after lunch on the last day of the course. If things go off track and you need help, call 450-467-1755 and ask the staff of the Nature Centre to please get word to the course TAs at the chalets.

If you drive on your own, take Highway 116 or 20 and 223 to the town of Beloeil. Cross the Richelieu River and take the first right after the river(at the wire sculpture of apple pickers) on Rue Fortier toward Otterburn Park. This leads automatically onto Rue Ozias Leduc. Just past Auclair's fruit stand, turn left on Chemin de la Montagne at the Pepiniere Auclair. Follow this road through the apple orchards and watch for the Centre des Arts Ozias Leduc on your right; at this point turn left on Rue des Moulins where there is a blue road sign pointing the way to the Centre de nature Mont St. Hilaire. The turn is on a curve so be careful. You will see the entrance to the Gault Nature Reserve ahead on the left. Stop at the gate and let the gatekeeper know you are taking the course, then proceed straight ahead up the hill and around behind the caretaker's house; then follow the signs to the chalets and park adjacent to them. If you are lost phone 450-467-1755 and ask for directions.

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