BIOL 331 - Ecology and Behaviour Field Course


Mont St Hilaire
Monday, August 20 – Friday, August 31, 2018

What to bring
The field station provides accommodation, meals, laboratories and lecture rooms. All meals are included in your course fee, but bring some cash if you want to buy beer or other incidentals. You need to bring a sleeping bag or a blanket (sheet, pillow provided), wet weather clothing, flashlight, a daypack and cool weather clothing, towel and soap, pencils, a notebook or notepad, and if you have them, dissecting instruments, an electronic calculator, a hand lens, binoculars and a wristwatch with a stopwatch function.  If you have allergies to bee stings, please bring an Epipen and know how to use it!

Bring a swim suit as some of the aquatic modules may require your working in the lake located within the reserve, Lac Hertel. Although recreational swimming is not permitted in Lac Hertel, there is a nearby pond off the reserve where people can swim in their free time. If an underwater research project is of interest, you can bring SCUBA or snorkeling equipment for use in Lac Hertel. You can only use SCUBA if you have a qualified buddy to join you during dives. Bring sufficient clothing -- laundry facilities are not available. There is a pay phone on site but you may want to bring your own cell phone. There are wireless Internet connections if you want to bring your own laptop for email, and some laptops will be available for use in the course.

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