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Biology Department Health & Safety Committee

The current members of he Biology Department Health and Safety Committee committee are: Dr. Nam-Sung Moon (Chair), Maria Colonna (Administrative Staff), Carole Smith (Communications, Deputy Building Director), and Suncica Aviles (PhD student)

McGill Environmental Health & Safety Office

The Safety Office is located at 3610 McTavish St., 4th Floor, Tel.: (514) 398-4563.

For a list of McGill's EHS and HWM staff, please consult:

Health & Safety Office Publications

EHS has a collection of books and video materials. Please visit their website at:

Biohazard Committee & Application for Use

The Biohazard Committee is responsible for assessing protocols and granting licenses to use biohazardous material for researchers at McGill. A license is mandatory if you are planning to use material classified as biohazards. Various microorganisms, parasites, blood/body fluids and certain types of nucleic acids such as some DNA material are considered a biohazard. A license is needed for ALL containment levels, including level 1.

Investigators must complete the "Application to Use Biohazardous Materials" form and submit it for approval to EHS (Environmental Health & Safety Office).

Student Health Centre

The Student Health Centre for McGill students is located in the Brown Building, 3600 McTavish, Suite 4100, (514) 398-6017; visit the website at:

Students are reminded that it is necessary to have a valid Medicare or Provincial Health Care card and a McGill ID card in order to avail themselves of this service.

Students with disabilities

For students with disabilities, information on services can be obtained at the McGill Office For Students With Disabilities in the Brown Building, 3600 McTavish Street, Room 3100, (514) 398-6009. Visit their Web page at

Most rooms in the Stewart building are accessible to wheelchairs, the exception are rooms in the South Block, levels S2-S5.