Welcome to the Biology Health and Safety website!

To find out more on how to work safely in a laboratory, what courses are offered and what regulations apply to this institution, please consult this website as well as the McGill Environmental Health and Safety Office.


  • The Departmental Safety Sessions will no longer be offered*
    Professors are encouraged to use the EHS Lab Safety Orientation website and the Lab Orientation Checklist in their introductions for new personnel (see section below for new personnel for the complete list)
  • EHS also offers Orientation for new Principal Investigators.
    Please visit: http://www.mcgill.ca/ehs/programs-and-services/newpi
  • Professors are responsible to ensure that all their personnel have the appropriate mandatory EHS-offered safety courses when they arrive and updated every 3 years.
    WHMIS & Waste Management are mandatory for all. Other courses like Use of Biological Safety Cabinets, Radiation Safety, etc...depend on if personnel will be performing relevant research.
    Please refer to the Training page of the EHS website to view the sessions offered.
  • Professors are responsible to perform routine safety inspections of their own research spaces. Click HERE to download copies of the forms used by EHS during their annual lab inspections.
    Note: there are now two inspection forms: a new Biosafety Inspection Form has been implemented as of Spring 2013 & it includes some items that used to be on the general inspection form.
  • EHS also offers COOL McGill Presentations on Lab Safety Orientation or Graduate Students. These an be viewed at: http://cool.mcgill.ca/COOLLectureListing.aspx?Semester=TRAINING&Course=EHS

* View Departmental Safety Session (PDF format) given in May 2013

Documents for new personnel

The following documents will be handed out with keys:

Asbestos in the Stewart Building

This building has asbestos insulation on the main beams above the ceiling tiles. Asbestos can cause health problems if inhaled for a long period of time. It is safe as long as the ceiling tiles are between you and the real ceiling. The McGill tradesmen are trained and equipped to work safely but independent contractors may not be. If you see someone working above the ceiling tiles in the Stewart Building without taking appropriate protective measures (special attire and plastic tent), contact Rudiger Krahe, Building Director (514-398-8065).

Asbestos Incident Response Protocol

>> Download Wayne Wood's Presentation from the Town Hall Meeting - Feb. 21, 2014

Fun Videos on Lab Safety