Fire Information

Fire Alarms

The fire alarms are located in the stairways and in some hallways. To activate, pull out the center lever. The alarms do not start ringing immediately, there is a small time delay but evacuate promptly to the nearest stairway. Never use the elevators during a fire.

Fire Extinguishers

Stewart Building rooms equipped with a fire extinguisher:

  • West wing: W2/2, W2/5, W2/7, W2/9D, W3/1, W3/6, W3/11, W3/16, W3/17, W3/20, W3/21, W3/23, W3/24, W4/3B, W4/3C, W4/4, W4/4A, W4/4B, W4/11, W5/8, W5/12, W5/16, W5/20, W5/22, W5/24, W5/24A, W5/26, W6/3, W6/5, W6/6, W6/9, W6/11, W6/17
  • North wing: N2/1, N3/1, N3/4, N3/5, N3/11, N3/12, N3/13, N3/14, N3/15, N3/17, N3/20, N4/2 (3x), N4/2D, N4/3, N4/3A, N4/5, N4/7, N4/8, N5 hallway (2X), N5/2, N5/10C, N5/12, N5/14, N5/16, N5/17, N6/10, N6/14, N6/15, N6/20
  • South block: S4/111, S4/119, South block hallways and loading dock.


  1. Remove the pin: twist it free of the plastic string and pull it out
  2. Aim the nozzle at the base of the fire
  3. Keeping your hands off the black cone (it gets very cold), press the lever
  4. When finished, bring the extinguisher to the porter in the main lobby to get refilled

Duties for Fire Monitors & Searchers

The Stewart building has a team of fire monitors who have different assigned duties: Exit Monitor, Floor Searcher Monitor and Outside Monitor.

Exit Monitor duties:

  1. At the sound of the evacuation alarm, proceed to an exit and verify it is usable, i.e. free of smoke and obstructions.
  2. Direct people to leave via this exit (not elevators) in a calm and orderly fashion.
  3. Await the signal from the Floor Searcher that the floor area is cleared.
  4. With the assistance of the Floor Searcher, provide help to those so requiring (i.e. persons with disabilities or injuries).
  5. Leave via the designated evacuation route.
  6. Once outside your building, report to the Outside Monitor at the STAIRCASE BETWEEN SOUTH AND WEST BLOCK and inform him\her that your section of the building is clear. Advise that person of any matters requiring further attention i.e. people trapped or requiring special assistance to evacuate, the location of the fire, etc...

Floor Searcher Monitor duties:

  1. At the sound of the evacuation alarm perform a tour of your floor and wing, to verify whether people are evacuating. Instruct individuals to leave via the nearest exit.
  2. Concentrate on public areas, such as washrooms etc..., bearing in mind that office, managers, classroom lecturers, and laboratory or workshop heads are responsible for advising occupants in their areas to evacuate.
  3. After checking an area, close as many doors as possible behind you as you go along.
  4. Once your area is clear, advise the Exit Monitor assigned to your floor.
  5. With the available monitors, provide aid to those so requiring (ex. persons with disabilities or injuries).
  6. Leave via the designated evacuation route.

Outside Monitor duties:

  1. Grab the "Fire Alarm Checklist" if nearby.
  2. Exit immediately the building by the designated evacuation route.
  4. Gather reports from the Exit Monitors. Use the Fire Alarm Checklist, if none, borrow paper and pen from others. Notice if some are missing.
  5. When the firefighters arrive, meet them and relay all the information obtained. In the case of a fire drill, go to the person in charge of the drill who will be near the Porter's office in the main lobby (N2/1).

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that building occupants should be directed away from the building (towards the parking lot at the corner of Dr. Penfield and Promenade-Sir-William-Osler). The road MUST be clear for fire trucks.

All monitors should not allow people back in the building even if the alarm goes off; they should wait until official notice is given. Designated monitors, with the assistance of colleagues if deemed necessary, will cover the peripheral doors so as to prevent occupants from reentering the building.