Safety Courses

WHMIS Training

Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System Training for Laboratory Personnel
All staff and students required to handle and/or store controlled products such as hazardous materials must follow this course. Please visit:

Radiation Training

The Biology Department requires radiation training for personnel working with or in an area where radioisotopes are present.

The Environmental Health and Safety Office at McGill offers 3 types of radiation safety courses:
The core course for first time users of radioactive materials called Principles of Laboratory Radiation Safety, the refresher course for users with expired radiation safety certificates called Radiation Refresher Safety Course, and the Radiation Module for myLab Training.
Please visit:

Biosafety Training

The Environmental Health and Safety Office at McGill offers 2 types of biosafety courses:
Introduction to Biosafety and Safe Use of Biological Safety Cabinets.
Please visit:

CPR/First Aid Course

The Environmental Health and Safety Office at McGill offers several types of First Aid training:
First Aid in the Workplace, Heart Saver, Supervised Practice and Red Cross.
Please visit:

First Aid courses for the fieldwork setting

The General Wilderness First Aid Course can be made available upon request. It is normally hosted by the dept. of Geography. If you are interested, contact Paula Kestelman (

Working with live animals

Theory and Practical Training Requirements for Animal Users:
The University Animal Care Committee (UACC), in conjunction with the Office of the V-P-Research and International Relations, provides online theory training in animal use for research and teaching. This training is mandatory for all individuals who intend to work with animals at McGill and its affiliated hospitals.

In addition, everyone who plans to work with live wild or laboratory animals is required to attend and pass a practical Animal Methodology Workshop specific to the species which he or she will handle. The practical training is provided at the Comparative Medicine and Animal Resources Centre, as well as several McGill-affiliated institutions. Certifications for both courses are valid for a period of 5 years.

Detailed course information is available on the UACC website at: