Moves and Relocations

The Stewart West Wing has now been vacated and renovations will start as of Sept. 5, 2017. Here is a list of the relocations:

Faculty/Staff/Labs New location
Chair's Office  
Gregor Fussmann N8/15
Laura Testa N8/16
Lucy Scigliano N8/17
Bell, Graham Redpath Museum, room 201
Fussmann, Gregor N/A (Chair's Office N8/15)
Gregory-Eaves, Irene N4/18
Guichard, Frederic N8/14
Hargreaves, Anna N6/11
Harrison, Paul N7/16
Hayer, Arnold Bellini Life Sciences Complex, 205
Hekimi, Siegfried Bellini Life Sciences Complex, 268
Lefebvre, Louis N7/19
Leung, Brian N6/13
Ohyama, Tomoko N5/25
Potvin, Catherine S3/27
Reader, Simon N7/12
Roy, Richard Pulp & Paper Institute, Stewart Office: S3/22
Schoeck, Frieder N8/12
Sunday, Jennifer N8/3
Weber, Stephanie N5/16
Zetka, Monique Pulp & Paper Institute, Stewart Office: S3/24
Bell/Fussmann N6/9
Cristescu/Barrett N6/15 and S4/111 (LE3 Lab)
Gregory-Eaves Microscopy Room: N4/19
Gregory-Eaves/Price N6/20
Reader N7/11
Roy/Zetka Pulp & Paper Institute
Weber N5/16, N5/24
Management Staff  
Bernhardt, Torsten N8/10
Colonna, Maria N7/2
TBA N7/3
Nelson, Nancy N7/9B
Sabaz, Luisa N7/7
Smith, Carole N8/13
QCBS - Quebec Centre for Biodiversity
Auzel, Philippe S3/17
Elina, Helen S3/18
Larocque, Guillaume S3/15B
McGill Plant Phenomics Platform
Vello, Emilio S3/19
Administrative Staff  
Gabe, Susan N7/9A
Gittens, Ancil N7/18B
Scigliano, Lucy N8/17
Testa, Laura N8/16
Graduate Student Office  
Gittens, Ancil N7/18B
Undergraduate Student Office  
Nelson, Nancy N7/9B
Gabe, Susan N7/9A
Technical Staff  
Bujold, Sonia N4/5
L'Heureux, Anne Marie Lyman Duff, D-6
L'Heureux, Guy N8/13
Pandur, Judit Lyman Duff, C-19
Wang, Zhang Ming Lyman Duff, C-19
Kernaghan, Sean Lyman Duff, C-19
Research Assistants  
Li, Shaolin (Roy Lab) Pulp & Paper, room TBD
Sharma, Divya (Potvin Lab) S3/25
Student Associations