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The 3rd Annual MAD Symposium:

Wednesday May 8th, 2013
Thomson House Ballroom
Talks will start from 6pm - beer and foods will be served from 5:30pm.

Two labs will be presenting their exciting works:
1. Christian Rocheleau lab, McGill/MUHC
[visit Lab website]

2. Michel Cayouette lab, IRCM
[visit Lab website]

Please save the date!

Sponsors: This meeting is made possible through the support of NEB

MAD activities

  • MAD symposium (annual, usually early November)
  • Previous MAD meetings were held on May 10, 2012 and November 7, 2012

For future graduate students…
MAD PIs are affiliated with various departments and research institutes in several universities across Montreal. If you are interested in joining one of laboratories for your graduate studies, please directly contact each PI to inquire about position availability.

For PIs, graduate students and postdocs…
If you are interested in joining our activities or have comments/questions, please send us an email to madsymposium.biology@mcgill.ca.

For MAD PIs and trainees…
If you want to join the MAD steering committee (e.g. organizing our annual symposium), please let us know (madsymposium.biology@mcgill.ca).

MAD Steering Committee

  • Loydie Jerome-Majewska (MUHC, McGill)
  • Marie Kmita (IRCM)
  • Jean-Claude Labbé (IRIC, U de M)
  • Laura Nilson (Biology, McGill)
  • Yojiro Yamanaka (GCRC, McGill)