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Research Description
Concordia University
  Alisa Piekny    
Cytoskeletal dynamics, Cell shape change, Rho signaling
IRCM (Institut de Recherches Cliniques de Montréal)
  Michel Cayouette      
Cell-fate, Neural stem cells, Retina
  Frédéric Charron    
Axon guidance, Nervous system, Brain tumors
  Jacques Drouin      
  David Hipfner      
Epithelium, Tissue morphogenesis, Growth control
  Marie Kmita      
Genetics, Patterning process, Musculskeletal development
  Eric Lécuyer      
RNA, Localization, Gene expression
  Marie Trudel       Hemoglobin disorders, polycystic kidney disease
Jewish General Hospital
  Colin Crist      
Muscle, Regeneration, Stem cells
McGill University
  Complex Traits Group          
  Anastasia Nijnik    
Hematopoietic stem cells, Lymphocyte differentiation, Mouse genetics
  Department of Biology        
  Ehab Abouheif      
Evodevo, Gene environment interactions
  Paul Lasko      
Embryonic patterning, Translational control, RNA-protein interactions
  Laura Nilson      
Epithelial patterning, Epithelial morphogenesis, Drosophila genetics
  Richard Roy      
Germline, Dauer, Cell division
  Frieder Schöck      
Myofibril assembly, Muscle attachment, Integrin adhesion
  Department of Chemical Engineering  
  Elizabeth Jones    
Hemodynamics, Vascular remodelling, Angiogenesis
  Department of Medicine          
  Elena Torban      
Planar cell polarity signaling, Cilia formation and function
  Department of Physics          
  Paul François
Biological and computational physics
  Goodman Cancer Research Centre  
  Maxime Bouchard      
Urogenital/Prostate development and Cancer, Transcriptional factors
  Thomas Duchaine    
RNAi, microRNAs, 3' untranslated region
  Luke McCaffrey      
Mammary gland, Polarity, Cell signaling
  Yojiro Yamanaka    
Lineage specification, Morphogenesis, Blastocyst
MUHC-RI (McGill University Health Centre - Research Institute)
  CRN (Centre for Research in Neuroscience)  
  Donald van Meyel      
Neurobiology, Neurons, Glia
  MCH (Montreal Children's Hospital)  
  Paul Goodyer      
Kidney development, Microvesicles, Stem cells
  Loydie Jerome-Majewska       Organogenesis, vesicular transport, syndromes
  Aimee Ryan      
Left-right patterning, Gastrulation, Claudins
  Montreal Neurological Institute  
  Stefano Stefani      
Developmental neuroscience, Molecular and cellular neuroscience, Neural stem cells
  Jean-François Cloutier      
Neurodevelopment, Axon growth, Cell differentiation
  RVH (Royal Victoria Hospital)  
  Daniel Dufort
Implantation, Blastocyst, Placenta
  Christian Rocheleau
Vesicular trafficking, Cell signaling, Cell fate specification
  Teruko Taketo-Hosotani      
Oocyte, Meiosis, Sex chromosomes
Université de Montréal
  Stéphane Roy      
Regeneration, Morphogenesis, Molecular biology
  IRIC (Institut de recherche en immunologie et en cancérologie)
  Sébastien Carréno      
Phosphoinositides, Cell division, Cell migration
  Gregory Emery    
Vesicular trafficking, Cell signaling, Cell polarity
  Jean-Claude Labbé      
Cell polarity, Asymmetric cell division, Imaging
  Amy Maddox      
Cytokinesis, Contractility, Cell shape
  Paul Maddox      
Mitosis, Chromatin, Microscopy
  Marc Therrien      
Signal transduction, Ras/MAPK signaling, Cancer
UQAM (Université du Québec à Montréal)
  Nicolas Pilon      
Mouse genetics, Early neural development, Neural crest cells