Our Location on Campus


Stewart Biology Building
McGill University
1205 Avenue Docteur Penfield
Montreal, Quebec CANADA H3A 1B1

Bellini Life Sciences Complex
McGill University
3649 promenade Sir William Osler
Montreal, Quebec CANADA H3G 0B1

Chair's office: Dr. Gregor Fussmann, N8/15, (514) 398-1279
Department: (514) 398-6400
Building Director: Dr. Frieder Schoeck (Biology) N8/12, (514) 398-6434
Deputy Building Director: Carole Smith, N8/13, (514) 398-6406

Deliveries are made to the loading dock of the Stewart Biology Building. The loading dock is situated in front of the Parking garage. It can be accessed between the McIntyre Medical and the Stewart Biology Buidling, either from the Peel St. entrance or the Drummond St. (promenade Sir William Osler) entrance.
>> Follow the yellow lines on the map.

Access to the Building/Silent Hours:
Fall & Winter Term: Open 7:45-22:15, closed all day on weekends.
Silent Hours: nights, weekends and holidays.

From April 17 -Sept. 2, The Stewart Building will be open from 8:00-18:00 during week days, including Summer Fridays. The building will be closed all day on weekends and holidays. For entrance during these times, a proximity card-reader security system is in operation requiring a valid McGill University ID card. In order to have your card programmed for access to controlled areas of this building, please contact Carole Smith, Deputy Building Director.


Sculpture facing the West Wing of the Stewart Biological Sciences Building:
Confrontation by Shalom Bloom (1989)