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Biology is the study of life. Its scope extends from molecules to organisms and ecosystems. It deals with fundamental questions such as the origin and evolution of plants and animals, interactions between living organisms and their environment, mechanisms of embryonic development, the structure and function of the living cell, the molecular basis of inheritance, the biochemical and genetic basis of human diseases, and the operation of the brain and the nervous system. Staff of the Biology Department conduct research and offer teaching programs in all these areas. The Department of Biology's well-equipped teaching and research laboratories are located in the Stewart Biology Building and the Bellini Life Sciences Building.

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Department of Biology in the Media

  • Dr. Irene Gregory-Eaves and Zofia Taranu were interviewed on the topic: "Blue-green algae proliferating in lakes " >> Read article... (McGill Newsroom, Feb. 26, 2015)
  • Congratulations to Dr. Ehab Abouheif for his promotion to Full Professor.
  • Some creatures use electricity and vibrations sex and can be dangerous. Read interview about the research in Dr. Rudiger Krahe's lab.
  • Tracking down the origins of the Ebola outbreak. Read interview with Jan Gogarten (Davies Lab) in the McGill News (Jan. 2, 2015)
  • Species with members that learn from others suffer from a wider variety of socially transmitted parasites, while innovative, exploratory species suffer from a wider variety of parasites transmitted through the environment, such as in the soil or water.
    >> Read the interview
    with Dr. Simon Reader on McGill Channels (Dec. 3, 2014)
    >> Read the article in Proceedings of the Royal Society B
  • Dalal Hanna (Chapman lab) has written a series of Fishy Ugandan Tales for National Geographic >> read more...
  • Dr. Catherine Potvin was interviewed by The Gazette (Sept. 18, 2014): "Protests aim to bring attention to need to act on climate change" >> read article

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  • MBSU - McGill Biology Student Union
  • BGSA - Biology Graduate Student Association