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PACCARD, Antoine
Supervisor: Rowan Barrett

Redpath Museum and Department of Biology
Office: 514-398-4086 ext. 094758

Research Summary:
In the face of global climate change, many species will have to adapt in order to persist in their natural environment. Characterizing the genes responsible of adaptation is highly important for understanding this evolutionary process. I am studying adaptation to temperature regime in a model system for ecology and evolution, the threespine stickleback fish. This species occurs along large latitudinal gradients and therefore faces a great range of temperature, making it an excellent model to study such adaptation. I will sample fish along both west and east coasts of North America. I will perform within and between population crosses and use cutting-edge sequencing technology in order to highlight the portion of the genome responsible for temperature adaptation.

Supervisor: Andrew Gonzalez

Stewart Biology Building
Office: 514-398-5971 | Lab: 514-398-6414

Research Summary:
I am an ecologist interested in how biodiversity persists in human-modified landscapes.My research focuses on relating the dynamics of ecological communities to the spatial structure of their habitat networks.