“McGill University is Committed to Equity in Employment”

Date of Posting:   April 1, 2019


Hiring Unit & Address:  Biology Department

N7/9A Stewart Biology Building

Application Deadline Date:   May 1, 2019

Course Title:  Cell and Molecular Biology

Course Number:  BIOL 112 (Winter)

Instructor:  Prof.  Joseph Dent & F. Schoeck

Hours of Work: (per term)   90

Number of TA positions available (estimate):  1

Date of Appointment

Starting:  January 6,  2020

Ending:  April 30, 2020


Hourly rate:  To be determined

Per Term: 

Required Duties:

-       Meets with course & lab coordinators before the beginning and at the end of term.

-       Updates the BIOL 112 myCourses’ discussion board information as required, before the first day of the winter semester on Monday, January 6th, 2020.

-       Accountable for the professional and confidential use of the BIOL 112 Grade Book in myCourses.

-       Ensures the functional simultaneous audio-visual transmission of the lectures in the overflow room and ensures proper decorum in the overflow room, as required.

-       Masters all material to answer student questions regarding the course material via the discussion board on myCourses or McGill email system or other McGill-supported tools, on a daily basis.

-       Assists professors with the use of student response system tool(s) and associated program(s) during lectures (MW 9:35-10:25), as required.

-       Assists professors with the administration of the grades for the online evaluations.

-       In collaboration with the lab coordinator and lab TAs, creates, maintains and expands lab-related web-based tools and data-entry resources.

-       Proof-reads and assists with formatting the midterm and final exams with the lecturers and assists the lab coordinator with the management of exams, as required.

-       Answers to questions during & after the viewing period on the student discussion board.

-       Monitors and answers to student content on the discussion board.

-       Organizes and conducts recorded lecture-material review sessions, before the midterm and final exams.

-       Communicates with the students via the “NEWS” tool of the BIOL 112 myCourses

             Homepage, as required.

      -      Invigilates the midterm exam in the evening.

      -      Any other related duties, as assigned and required during the relocation of the teaching labs.

Qualifications Required: 

- Preferably has taken BIOL112. Background in cell and molecular biology required.

- Availability in the fall 2019 to follow the myCourses trainings required for this position.

- Must have good organization and communication skills

- Proficiency in Excel, PowerPoint & McGill-supported online tools available for student

  response systems, communication platforms and document sharing tools

- Preference given to someone who is proficient in web-based data entry resources.

- Preference given to someone who has been a BIOL 112 lab TA.

- Preference given to someone who also simultaneously teaches a lab section

Language requirements (if relevant): Reasonable fluency in English

Name and Title of Course Supervisor:  Prof.  Joseph Dent

NOTE: All applicants must apply in writing, using the application form provided, to the appropriate Hiring Unit by the Application deadline (see above).

NOTE: Announcements are considered tentative, pending final determination of course offerings and enrolments.