“McGill University is Committed to Equity in Employment”

Date of Posting:   April 1, 2019


Hiring Unit & Address:  Biology Department

N7/9A Stewart Biology Bldg.

Application Deadline Date:   May 1, 2019

Course Title:  Cell and Molecular Biology

Course Number:  BIOL 112 (Winter)

Instructor:  Profs.  Joseph Dent & Staff

Hours of Work: (per term)   90 or 180 hrs

Number of TA positions available (estimate):  44

Date of Appointment

Starting:  January 6,  2020

Ending:  April 30, 2020


Hourly rate:  To be determined

Per Term: 

Required Duties:

- Hiring conditional on availability to attend the first 1-hour ‘General BIOL 112 TA Meeting”

   on Wednesday, January 8th, 2020 from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. in Lyman Duff Building (Rm D-6)

- Hiring conditional on availability to attend and participate in the weekly 1-hr “TA Pre-Lab Briefings with   Practice” in Lyman Duff Building (Rm D6), in the hour preceding teaching each lab section. Teaching lab sections will take place mostly in evenings and possibly on afternoons, along student enrollment numbers.

- Hiring conditional on having adequate a priori theoretical knowledge of all topics in the lab curriculum

  and commitment to practice prior to TA pre-lab briefing, if need to acquire or refresh practical skill

  (techniques, etc) taught during labs. Most labs take place in evenings (end at 8:30pm).

- Accountable for a professional and confidential use and accurate entry of all weekly student

  lab marks in the BIOL 112 Grade Book in myCourses.

- Has adequate knowledge of all topics in lab curriculum. Practices techniques/dissections before teaching.

- Instructs and supervises students in the laboratory for 2hrs weekly (experiments, lab project, presentation).

- Answers to own students’ questions (including emails) pertaining to the lab material.

- Corrects student weekly deliverables, student pairs’ research project online submissions and presentations.

- Due to possible schedule conflicts with midterm from other courses, organizes own students’ lab group

  reschedules by booking a TA-calendar also shared with the technical staff & lab coordinator.

- Enters students’ detailed weekly lab marks directly in myCourses’ BIOL 112 Grade Book, on a weekly

   basis for students to check for discrepancies.

- Completes student attendance records and ensures the correctness of absences’ status (if justified or not)

   in myCourses’ Grade Book.

- Follows-up immediately with absent student(s) to reschedule a make-up lab before the end of the week.

- Must finalize all existing lab marks directly with students during the last lab session and finalize all lab

  marks in myCourses’ Grade Book by the deadline set by the lab coordinator.

- Responsible for the set-up & clean-up of own lab room before & after the lab period.

- Responsible for enforcing health and safety regulations in the laboratory.

- Must report all accidents/incidents during lab session to lab coordinator by filling the form in the lab

  First-Aid kit. Ensures that a follow-up is initiated with the McGill Heath Services (ehs).       

- Accountable for the safekeeping of laboratory equipment, computer & audiovisual equipment of lab room. - Must leave the lab room last and ensure that lab equipment is turned OFF and all the doors are locked.

- Invigilates the midterm exam in the evening.

- 180 hr-TAs sign-up for one special task at the first briefing with the lab coordinator.

- Any other related duties, as assigned and required due to the relocation of the teaching labs.

- Texting, consulting mobile device/laptop for matters unrelated to lab, not tolerated during labs & TA-pre-

   lab briefings.

Qualifications Required:

- Preference given to candidates available to teach 2 lab sections (180 hrs).

- Undergraduate diploma in biology with particular expertise in cell and molecular biology

- Must have good organization and communication skills

- Must have completed WHMIS training within the past 3 years

- Successful applicants should familiarize themselves with laboratory safety issues by checking out the

  Biology Health and Safety website athttp://biology.mcgill.ca/safety/index.html.

- Severe allergies and/or limitation in mobility must be brought forward for safety/risk assessment..

Language requirements (if relevant): Reasonable fluency in English

Name and Title of Course Supervisor:  Prof.  Joseph Dent

NOTE: All applicants must apply in writing, using the application form provided, to the appropriate Hiring Unit by the Application deadline (see above).

NOTE: Announcements are considered tentative, pending final determination of course offerings and enrolments.