Ph.D. Oral Examination - Procedures

After the thesis has been submitted and approved, the candidate is required to defend their thesis in an open forum. Rules for the oral examination are set by the University.

The Examining Committee consists of:

  1. Chair of the Department
  2. Thesis Supervisor
  3. Internal Examiner of the thesis
  4. Three other members who have not been involved in supervision of the candidate or have co-authored any component of the thesis (one must be from outside the Department), suggested by the Thesis Supervisor and approved by the GTC.

A Pro-Dean is appointed by the Faculty of Graduate Studies and is the Chair of the Committee. Supervisory Committee (SC) members do not usually sit on the committee. The examination consists of a public session with a 15-20 minute summary by the candidate, followed by a period of questioning and a private session in which the Examining Committee makes its judgement.