Length of Program
Three full-time terms of resident study at McGill is the minimum time requirement to complete the Master’s degree. The Biology Department offers a summer term so the residence requirement can be completed in one year, if required. The normal and expected duration is 2 years. In exceptional cases, 3 years may be required, but students are cautioned to avoid research projects that cannot be completed in 2 years.

Course Requirements

* Courses taken at other universities in Quebec must be taken through CREPUQ.

Other requirements

Thesis Requirements
The M.Sc. is a research degree. The candidate must provide a thesis which represents high scholastic attainment in a specialized field, demonstrated by independent and original research. Students need to refer to the Submission Information for complete information.

Transfer to Ph.D Program
The student's Thesis Supervisor and Supervisory Committee must first approve a transfer. This should be indicated on the “Report of Supervisory Committee” form returned to the Graduate Studies Coordinator after the SC meeting.

1. The Thesis Supervisor must indicate that sufficient funds are available to provide the student with the minimum level of support for the duration of the Ph.D. program.
2. The transfer of students from the M.Sc. to the Ph.D. program must be approved by the Graduate Training Committee which, in turn, will recommend to the University Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Office that a change of status take place.

To reflect their accumulated research experience, students who transfer into the Ph.D. program are considered to be at level Ph.D. 2 and are required to take the Ph.D. Qualifying Examination within eight months of their initial registration in the Ph.D. program. Students intending to transfer must apply for the new program on line by the following deadlines:

For September registration:

For January Registration:

Please address all inquiries to: graduate.biology@mcgill.ca
Graduate Studies Office
Stewart Biology Building
Room N7/18B
Office Hours: 9:00am-5:00pm

Ancil Gittens (Graduate Student Affairs Coordinator)
(514) 398-5478; ancil.gittens@mcgill.ca