Choosing a supervisor
To identify potential supervisors, prospective students should consult the list of Faculty Members which contains details about faculty research areas, links to their web sites, publications and contact information. Prospective students list their preferred supervisors on their application form, but typically also contact these professors individually to express their interest.

[For extra tips and info, please refer to the "How to find and connect with potential supervisors" from McGill's Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies website]

The Supervisory Committee
The aim of the graduate program is to provide students with individual depth of experience in their chosen field, as well as sufficient background in basic science to prepare them to continue self-education and thus to keep in the forefront of their field throughout their research career. To achieve this aim, individual attention and a tailor-made program is necessary for each student. The Supervisory Committee (SC) shares responsibility with the Thesis Supervisor in providing such direction.

The SC consists of faculty members with expertise relevant to the student’s research project and meets annually with the student to provide feedback and ideas and to ensure that the student is making satisfactory progress. The SC therefore provides a valuable resource that helps ensure the student’s success in the program.

Additional details regarding the Supervisory Committee, including:

can be found in the "Supervisory Committee - Complete Details" document [download PDF].

Please address all inquiries to:
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Ancil Gittens (Graduate Student Affairs Coordinator)
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