Minimal Level of support

Tuition & Fee Subsidy

An Annual Stipend

Graduate students can be supported in full or in part by funding from research grants awarded to the Thesis Supervisor, which can supplement income from scholarships. This funding constitutes the annual stipend and includes a minimum of $10,600 (additional funding to $15,900 [2018 figures] is available through teaching assistantships, *see below).
The stipends are classified as “awards” and are not subject to tax and other employment deductions. In some cases, the stipend will come from research contract funding and may require that a confidentiality agreement be signed by the student.

Teaching Assistantships

Graduate students can be partially supported by being appointed as teaching assistants for one or more undergraduate courses, and are offered a minimum of 180 hours of Teaching Assistantships each year during the minimum duration of support (subject to availability).

All students should speak to their supervisor regarding their teaching plans. It is recommended that each graduate student serve as a teaching assistant for at least one term during their graduate training. The salary received as a teaching assistant is subject to income taxes and other applicable employment deductions (Employment Insurance, Quebec Pension Plan, etc.)

Please see the Teaching Assistant page for available positions.

Example Annual Funding Scenarios

Canadian PhD, Quebec MSc with no Scholarship
Quebec MSc with NSERC PGSD
Canadian MSc with no scholarship
Canadian PhD with NSERC CGSD
(TA declined)
International PhD with no scholarship
International PhD with partial $20,000 scholarship

$5,279 $5,279 $5,279 $0 $5,279 $5,279
Supervisor Research Grants
$10,621 $0 $10,621 $0 $10,621 $0
Entrance Award
$2,500 $2,500 $2,500 $2,500 $2,500 $2,500
Other Scholarships
$0 $21,000 $0 $35,000 $0 $20,000
Tuition and Fees $4,431 $4,431 $9,827 $4,431 $18,388 $18,388
Tuition and Fees
$4,431 $0 $9,827 $0 $18,388 $9,009
Living expenses

$18,400 $24,348 $18,400 $33,069 $18,400 $18,400

* This table is an example only and is based on 2018 figures

Limitations of Assured Support

Duration of Support

Unsatisfactory Progress

Please address all inquiries to:
Graduate Studies Office
Stewart Biology Building
Room N7/18B
Office Hours: 9:00am-5:00pm

Ancil Gittens (Graduate Student Affairs Coordinator)
(514) 398-5478;