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Date of Posting:  March 5, 2018

Hiring Unit & Address:  Biology Department,

Stewart Biology Bldg., Room N7/9A

Application Deadline Date:  April 5, 2018

Course Title:  Methods in Biology of Organisms


Course Number:  BIOL 206 (Fall)


Instructors:   Prof. Melania Cristescu & Staff

Hours of Work: (per term)  180

No. of TA positions available (estimate): 3-4 single (3-4 double)

Approx. Date of Appointment


Starting: September 4 2018


Ending: December 14 2018


Hourly rate:  $29.33

Per Term:  $2639.70 for 90 hours/$5279.40 for 180 hours

Required Duties:

Must attend the first general TA meeting to be held before class begins

- Instructs and supervises approximately 16-18 students

- Attends 1-hour weekly meetings to review course material and coordinate marking standards. The first meeting is tentatively scheduled for Friday, Sept 7 at 10:00 AM.

- Attends and grades oral presentations held during one lab period

- Completes attendance and lab participation records for students

- Introduce and teach each lab

- Grades lab reports and assignments, enters marks on MyCourses

- Schedules an hour per week for replying to student email

- Responsible for cleaning up their lab section after lab period

- Responsible for enforcing health and safety regulations in lab

- Accountable for the proper disposal of chemicals and supplies used during the lab

- Accountable for lab equipment, laptops and digital projector used by TA with his/her students

- Attend 7 lectures introducing the course and the 6 lab modules

Qualifications Required:

- Preferably has taken BIOL 206 or equivalent – provide details on application

- Substantial background in organismal biology – provide details on application

- Strong knowledge of biometry including ANOVA and regression – provide details on application

- Good mastery of R essential

- Must have good organization and communication skills

- Must have completed WHMIS training within the past 3 years

- Teaching & Learning Services Skillsets training a plus – provide details on application

Language requirements (if relevant):  English and French desirable

Name and Title of Course Supervisor:  Prof. M. Cristescu


Dept. Authorization:



NOTE: All applicants must apply in writing, using the application form provided, to the appropriate Hiring Unit by the Application deadline (see above). NOTE: Announcements are considered tentative, pending final determination of course offerings and enrolments.