│McGill University is Committed to Equity in Employment▓

Date of Posting:    March 5, 2018


Hiring Unit & Address:  Biology Department

Stewart Biology Building N7/9A

Application Deadline Date:  April 5, 2018

Course Title:  Principles:  Organismal Biology

Course Number:  BIOL 111 (Fall)

Instructor:  Prof. Andrew Hendry and staff

Hours of Work: (per term)   90 or 180

Number of TA positions available (estimate):  44

Approximate Date of Appointment 

Starting:  September 4, 2018

Ending:  December 14, 2018


Hourly rate:  $29.33

Per Term: $2639.70 (90 hrs), $5279.40 (180 hrs)

Required Duties:

- Hiring conditional on availability to attend the first 1-hour îGeneral BIOL 111 TA Meeting▓

   on Wednesday, September 5th, 2018 from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. in Lyman Duff Building (Rm D-6)

- Hiring conditional on availability to attend and participate in the weekly 1-hr │TA Pre-Lab Briefings with Practice▓ in Lyman Duff Building (Rm D-6), in the hour preceding teaching each lab section. Teaching lab sections will take place mostly in evenings and possibly on afternoons, along student enrollment needs.

- Accountable for a professional and confidential use and accurate entry of all weekly student

  lab marks in the BIOL 111 Grade Book in myCourses.

- Has adequate knowledge of all topics in lab curriculum. Practices techniques/dissections before teaching.

- Instructs and supervises students in the laboratory for 2hrs weekly (experiments, lab project, presentation).

- Answers to own students╣ questions (including emails) pertaining to the lab material.

- Corrects student weekly deliverables, student pairs╣ research project online submissions and presentations.

- Enters students╣ detailed weekly lab marks directly in myCourses╣ BIOL 111 Grade Book, on a weekly

   basis for students to check for discrepancies.

- Completes student attendance records and ensures the correctness of absences╣ status (if justified or not)

   in myCourses╣ Grade Book.

- Follows-up immediately with absent student(s) to reschedule a make-up lab before the end of the week.

- Must finalize all existing lab marks directly with students during the last lab session and finalize all lab

  marks in myCourses╣ Grade Book by the deadline set by the lab coordinator.

- Responsible for the set-up & clean-up of own lab room before & after the lab period.

- Responsible for enforcing health and safety regulations in the laboratory.

- Must report all accidents/incidents during lab session to lab coordinator by filling the form in the lab

  First-Aid kit. Ensures that a follow-up is initiated with the McGill Heath Services (ehs).       

- Accountable for the safekeeping of laboratory equipment, computer & audiovisual equipment of lab room. - Must leave the lab room last and ensure that lab equipment is turned OFF and all the doors are locked.

- Invigilates the midterm exam in the evening.

- 180 hr-TAs sign-up for one special task at the first briefing with the lab coordinator.

- Any other related duties, as assigned and required during the relocation of the teaching labs.

Qualifications Required: 

- Preference given to candidates available to teach 2 lab sections (180 hrs).

- Undergraduate diploma in biology with orientation to plant and animal science

- Must have good organization and communication skills

- Must have completed WHMIS training within the past 3 years

- Successful applicants should familiarize themselves with laboratory safety issues by checking out the

  Biology Health and Safety website athttp://biology.mcgill.ca/safety/index.html.

- Severe allergies and/or limitation in mobility must be brought forward for safety/risk assessment.

Language requirements (if relevant): Reasonable fluency in English

Name and Title of Course Supervisor:  Prof. Andrew Hendry

NOTE: All applicants must apply in writing, using the application form provided, to the appropriate Hiring unit by the Application deadline (see above).

NOTE: Announcements are considered tentative, pending final determination of course offerings and enrolments.