Andrea Reid, M.Sc. Candidate

supervisors: Dr. lauren Chapman & Dr. Anthony ricciardi

research interests: tropical conservation - aquatic Ecology - evolutionary Biology

Current Research
Little is understood about how native species may find ways to survive among invasives. My MSc research examines areas on the margins of the invasive Nile perch’s (Lates niloticus) territory that are being exploited by native fish as a refuge (focusing on endangered haplochromine cichlids). I am investigating whether the differences in populations are based on subtle chemical and biological features by sampling fish and environmental factors in a series of wetland transects in central Uganda. My field work in Lake Nabugabo, a satellite of Lake Victoria, hopes to determine whether there is an optimal distance from the predator that enables the natives to thrive.

Past Research  

My BSc honours thesis at McGill University examined food patch depletion behaviour in a leaf-eating (folivorous) primate, the guereza (Colobus guereza) in Kibale National Park, Uganda. Unlike the sympatric red colobus (Procolobus rufomitratus), we found that guerezas do not functionally deplete patches of their preferred foods, which may be driven by a fundamental difference in the digestive physiologies of these two western Ugandan colobines.

2010 - present
Master of Science candidate in Biology
McGill University, Montreal, Quebec
Supervisors: Dr. Lauren Chapman, Dr. Anthony Ricciardi
2005 - 2009
Bachelor of Science in Environment: Biodiversity and Conservation
Honours, Dean’s Honour List
McGill University, Montreal, Quebec
Supervisors: Dr. Colin Chapman


*Tombak, KJ, *AJ Reid, CA Chapman, JM Rothman, CA Johnson and R Reyna-Hurtado (2011) Patch depletion behavior differs between sympatric folivorous primates. Primates published online. * Equal contributors [PDF]

Reid, AJ (2009) Patch depletion behaviour of black and white colobus monkeys (Colobus guereza). McGill University, Undergraduate Honours Thesis.

Selected Grants & Awards
2011 Young Explorers Grant
National Geographic Society
2011 New Initiatives Grant with L. Chapman, A. Ricciardi
McGill University School of Environment
2010 Provost’s Graduate Fellowship and Top-up Award
McGill University
2010 Canada Graduate Scholarship
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council
2009 Diane Hasley Field Scholarship
McGill University School of Environment

Academic Activities
2011-2012 Conservation, Ecology, Evolution and Biodiversity Seminar Representative
Biology Graduate Students Association, McGill University
2007-2009 President and Student Refugee Program Coordinator
World University Service of Canada, McGill University Chapter

Current Memberships
2011 Canadian Society of Zoologists
2011 Quebec Center for Biodiversity Science
2010 Groupe de recherche interuniversitaire en limnologie et en environnement aquatique
2010 Société Québécoise pour l'Étude Biologique du Comportement

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