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  • Airfare that includes costs which are not a necessary consequence of travel on behalf of the University e.g. avoidable stopovers and trip extensions) is considered personal. The claimant is responsible for obtaining and attaching to the Expense Report one airfare quotation for the itinerary purely related to University business (i.e. that excludes avoidable stopovers and trip extensions). The claimant will be reimbursed the lowest airfare.
  • When sharing expenses, the person who paid for the expense is the ONLY person who can claim the reimbursement. Ensure that your name, amount, and the method of payment is clearly indicated on the receipt. The names of whose expense you covered will also need to be provided.
  • If certain expected or associated travel expenses are not being claimed, they MUST be identified (i.e.: meals included in conference registration; flight paid by conference organizers), along with any corresponding expense reimbursement reference number (if applicable) in the "Describe Purpose" field.
  • Affiliation of claimant to Grantee (person whose fund is being charged) MUST be provided (i.e: I am Prof. Smith's Graduate Student or Prof. Smith is the PI and I am a co-investigator
  • Non Travel-Related Items > $2,500
    Purchases of non travel related goods or services having a value of over $2,500 will not be reimbursed. These items must be requisitioned prior to ordering, using the Purchase Requisition process.
  • Small Equipment Purchases & Supplies < $2,500
    Purchases of small equipment and supplies less than $2,500 per item are only allowable if permitted by the fund being charged. Original paper receipts or printed electronic receipts must be submitted. In general, these purchases should be handled with the University Procurement Card (PCard).
  • When claiming kilometers/miles, attach a map/driving directions which clearly shows the distance travelled by car (e.g. Google Maps).
  • No acronyms
  • Always have a DETAILED restaurant receipt
  • For research grants and contracts: If meals are charged on the hotel receipt, the original paper detailed restaurant receipt which includes the date, items consumed, amount, gratuities and restaurant name is required.
  • Official documentation indicating place, dates, name of conference/workshop is required (i.e.: Conference Program). If the program is several pages, Monitoring & Compliance Dept. has advised that a maximum of 3 pages is sufficient. If your name appears in the program, you can include that page.
  • Reimbursement of meals with prospective students/staff, please ensure the option “Recruitment Staff/Student” is chosen from the “Purpose” drop down menu.
  • Indicate in the “Describe Purpose” field name of poster (i.e: when submitting receipt for Copie Express)

    If you received a travel award, it must be indicated in the “Describe Purpose” field and deduction made in the “Non-McGill Expense” column.

    If you have any questions, please contact the Biology FST Financial Team Carol Gaug
    (-7320) or Maria Da Silva Felix (-5395)
    Email: FST Science Pod 1

Last update: July 16, 2019