I am the coordinator and teach (along with Profs. Dent and Sakata) BIOL 306, the Neural Basis of Behaviour. I also teach a module on the excitable properties of membranes in BIOL 316, Advanced Eukaryotic Cell Biology II (this course is coordinated by Prof. Zheng and is co-taught by Prof. Brown).

I teach a module on rodent synaptic plasticity in BIOL 389 - Laboratory in Neurobiology. This is a hands-on lab module that allows students to design experiments to study hippocampal synaptic plasticity, like LTP and LTD, which are thought to be the cellular substrates of learning and memory. The course also includes modules taught by Profs. Dent and Krahe on Neurogenetics and Intrinsic properties of identified neurons.

Starting Fall 2014, I am co-teaching (with Prof. Hendricks) a new grad-level seminar-based course called Genetic Approaches to Neural Systems.

I have also contributed lectures to BIOL 395 / BIOL 495 (Quantitative Biology Seminar I and II) and BIOT 505 Selected Topics in Biotechnology.

Undergrad students Julia Bairos and Guido Guberman at their electrophysiology rig in BIOL 389.
Photo credit: Dr. Michael Hendricks