The Watt Lab - Photo Gallery

From left to right (for both photos):
Sriram, Alanna, Lovisa, Visou, Alex (our Quebec curling champion!), Kevin, and Moushumi

Lab Group 2015 - celebrating "Galette des Rois" (King Cake)
From left to right (front row: Alanna, Moushumi, Lovisa, Autumn, Alex, and Visou; back row: Sriram & Kevin).

Lab Queen - Sabrina with Visou.

The charm found in the galette des rois needed for the coronation

Sriram Jayabal presenting a poster at Physiology 2014.
At Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre, London (Big Ben in the background).

Sriram Jayabal won first prize for the Scientifica Image Competition 2014 and won a tablet! Congratulations!

Sriram Jayabal presenting his poster at the McGill IPN Retreat

McGill IPN Retreat
Sara El Jaouhari (second from right), winning Neuroscience Undergraduate Research prize

Last snowfall of winter, April 2013:
(from left to right) Ahmed, Sara, Oliver, Alexa, Sriram, Alanna, Thomas, and Gary.

At the Cabane à Sucre:
(from left to right) Alexa, Sriram, Sara, Oliver, Alanna, Gary, Ahmed, and Thomas.

Lab Christmas Lunch 2012
From left to right: Thomas, Kate, Sriram, Oliver, Alanna, Ahmed (in the back), Adele

Lab Potluck/Farewell dinner for Gabriel.
From left to right: Sriram, Adele, Alanna, Oliver, Gabriel, Kate and Gary