The Watt Lab - Photo Gallery

Sriram Jayabal presenting a poster at Physiology 2014.
At Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre, London (Big Ben in the background).

Sriram Jayabal won first prize for the Scientifica Image Competition 2014 and won a tablet! Congratulations!

Sriram Jayabal presenting his poster at the McGill IPN Retreat

McGill IPN Retreat
Sara El Jaouhari (second from right), winning Neuroscience Undergraduate Research prize

Last snowfall of winter, April 2013:
(from left to right) Ahmed, Sara, Oliver, Alexa, Sriram, Alanna, Thomas, and Gary.

At the Cabane à Sucre:
(from left to right) Alexa, Sriram, Sara, Oliver, Alanna, Gary, Ahmed, and Thomas.

Lab Christmas Lunch 2012
From left to right: Thomas, Kate, Sriram, Oliver, Alanna, Ahmed (in the back), Adele

Lab Christmas Lunch 2012
Oliver & Ahmed

Lab Potluck/Farewell dinner for Gabriel.
From left to right: Sriram, Adele, Alanna, Oliver, Gabriel, Kate and Gary

Hermina Nedelescu (visiting student from OIST), Sriram Jayabal and Ahmed Hamam in student office.

Hermina Nedelescu, Ahmed Hamam, and Sriram Jayabal at Thompson House, celebrating the first cell patched in the lab