The Watt Lab - Photo Gallery


Eviatar Fields presents his poster at CAN 2018 in Vancouver.

Anna Cook presents her poster at the CAN 2018 in Vancouver.

Alanna attended the Gordon Research Conference on the Cerebellum in August 2017 in Maine.

Watt Lab - June 2017
From left to right, back row: Daneck, Sriram, Carter, Alanna, Marco); front row: Jeanette, Brenda, Neil, Anna, Mohini, Sasha.

Canadian Neuroscience Meeting CAN 2017. Co-hosted the “Emerging roles of the cerebellum in shaping
brain development and disease” symposium with Lu-Yang Wang.
From left to right:: Derek Bowie, Alanna Watt, Dan Goldowitz, Lu-Yang Wang, and Amy Yang.

Getting ready for the 5K Scotiabank Charity run (April 23, 2017)

After the race!

The lab is getting ready for the Scotiabank Charity run this Spring in April to raise money for ARSACS research. Join us!

Lab picnic near Beaver Lake on Mt. Royal, August, 2016.
From left to right: Moushumi, Charlotte, Autumn, Janet (Yizhen)

Lab picnic near Beaver Lake on Mt. Royal, August, 2016.
Seated: Autumn and Moushumi. Playing frisbee: Sriram and Misha

Daneck presenting his poster at SfN in San Diego

FENS 2016 Symposium. Ataxia: from pathophysiology to treatment
From left to right: Thorsten Schmidt, Esther Becker, Francesca Maltecca, Alanna Watt and Paul Chapple

Lab dinner, June 2016 - Grand Prix weekend
Front row: Janet, Eileen, Misha, Charlotte, Alanna
Back row: Brenda, Visou, Sabrina, Daneck, Lovisa, Autumn, Moushumi, Sriram

Lovisa and Autumn presenting at the annual Canadian Association for Neuroscience (CAN) 2016 meeting

Celebrating our eNeuro paper, with (from left to right): Sabrina, Sriram, Moushumi, Visou, Daneck, Autumn, and Lovisa.

Congratulations to Moushumi Nath, who won first prize in Psychology and Neuroscience at the Undergraduate Research Conference at McGill on October 16

Postdoc Visou Ady is presenting his poster on ARSACS at the Society for Neuroscience meeting in October, 2015, in Chicago

From left to right (for both photos):
Sriram, Alanna, Lovisa, Visou, Alex (our Quebec curling champion!), Kevin, and Moushumi

Lab Group 2015 - celebrating "Galette des Rois" (King Cake)
From left to right (front row: Alanna, Moushumi, Lovisa, Autumn, Alex, and Visou; back row: Sriram & Kevin).

Lab Queen - Sabrina with Visou.

The charm found in the galette des rois needed for the coronation

Sriram Jayabal presenting a poster at Physiology 2014.
At Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre, London (Big Ben in the background).

Sriram Jayabal won first prize for the Scientifica Image Competition 2014 and won a tablet! Congratulations!

Sriram Jayabal presenting his poster at the McGill IPN Retreat

McGill IPN Retreat
Sara El Jaouhari (second from right), winning Neuroscience Undergraduate Research prize

Last snowfall of winter, April 2013:
(from left to right) Ahmed, Sara, Oliver, Alexa, Sriram, Alanna, Thomas, and Gary.

At the Cabane à Sucre:
(from left to right) Alexa, Sriram, Sara, Oliver, Alanna, Gary, Ahmed, and Thomas.

Lab Christmas Lunch 2012
From left to right: Thomas, Kate, Sriram, Oliver, Alanna, Ahmed (in the back), Adele

Lab Potluck/Farewell dinner for Gabriel.
From left to right: Sriram, Adele, Alanna, Oliver, Gabriel, Kate and Gary