Research Opportunities

I am always happy to hear from those interested in joining our lab, at the undergraduate, graduate or post-doctoral level. If you are an interested candidate, please get in touch as early as possible. Also see these general notes before getting in touch.

Undergraduate positions:
Independent Research and Honours projects:
Specific projects will be listed here, but feel free to contact me to discuss other possibilities. It is highly recommended for students to have taken courses in animal behaviour, behavioural ecology, experimental psychology, and/or behavioural neuroscience. We are not able to accept applications from U0 and U1 students.

Work study positions:
The McGill Work Study Program offers undergraduate students with financial need the opportunity for paid work within our laboratory, both in the semester and during summer. We may be seeking positions for Summer 2016 and Fall 2017.

Summer positions:
We are happy to support funding applications for summer research internships for qualified candidates. This page details funding opportunities for summer research projects at McGill. Note that many of these schemes are highly competitive.

Volunteer positions:
We do not generally take on unpaid volunteers, apart from as part of another position: we often find it useful for project students to gain experience in the laboratory before committing to a research project. We will post any openings on this page, but contact me if you would like to volunteer. To facilitate equity of access, we typically cap summer voluntary positions at 15h/week.

Graduate positions:
I do not currently have funded positions for January 2016. It is strongly advised for graduate applicants to contact me to discuss possible opportunities before listing me as a prospective thesis supervisor on the McGill online application, as places may not always be available. Please also note the departmental admission requirements, including the CGPA requirements. A useful list of potential funding sources is here.


Post-doctoral positions:
Please contact me to discuss possible funding avenues. Current and previous postdoctoral fellows in my laboratory have won NSERC, Banting, FRQNT, Tomlinson and Fyssen Foundation fellowships. A useful list of potential funding sources is here. At present I do not have post-doctoral funding available, although I may be able to 'top up' fellowships.

General notes
We work with a variety of study systems in the laboratory and field, with much of our current work focused on guppy behaviour and behavioural neuroscience. Useful recent reviews to begin reading about our work and the kinds of questions we are interested are Reader 2016 and Reader et al. 2016 (both are open access).

If you get in touch regarding research opportunities, please outline your research interests and research background, including a description of why you would like to join this lab and the questions that interest you, and attach a brief CV. Please let me know your citizenship, as this determines eligibility for certain funding opportunities. Specify what position interests you, when you are available or would like to begin and attach your academic transcript, if available. Undergraduate students should let me know if they are eligible and currently registered for the Work Study program. Please send all files in PDF format (ideally as a single file), with your surname in the filename.

For graduate applicants, if your application is a good fit to the lab and it looks like space will be available, I typically arrange an interview, request you write a one-page description of your research interests, and take up references.

If you wish to be alerted of new openings posted to this page, notification services such as ChangeDetection may be useful.

Please note that I receive a large number of enquiries, and am not able to reply immediately to all emails. If you do not hear back from me within a week, feel free to send me a reminder.

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        Very useful compilations of career development/funding resources: Hall Lab; Baskett Lab; Dieter Lukas's postdoc funding list