Photographs and videos
Some images of our work.

Guppies, Poecilia reticulata

[Guppy Maze]
Guppy solving a (simple) maze.


Video of a 'spatial discounting' test (wmv file). Video recording from above of a subject presented with two food items at 20 cm and six food items at 60 cm (see Mühlhoff et al. 2011).

Zebrafish, Danio rerio

[zebrafish swimming a route]
Zebrafish following each other through one of two routes (see Lindeyer & Reader 2010).


Carib grackles, Quiscalus lugubris

[Carib grackle dunking bread][Carib grackle dunking bread]
Carib grackles dunking bread in water at McGill's Bellairs Research Institute in Barbados (for an analysis of this behaviour see Morand-Ferron et al. 2004).

Below are videos of asocial and social learning in Carib grackles, again at Bellairs. Birds were caught in the field, kept in an aviary for a short time while they conducted the tests, then released back into the wild. There are four QuickTime MPEG movies online, note that the files are large (up to 9.8 MB). Some of these experiments are reported in Reader 2004.

[Carib grackle]

(1) Individual learning: this is the fourth 5-minute trial of a box-opening task, where the bird must remove a lock and open the box to retrieve the food. Movie 1.

(2) Social learning: the birds watch a trained demonstrator bird open the task and feed, then have a chance to try it for themselves. Movies 2, 3, 4.