Dr. John B. Lewis
Emeritus Professor

Contact Information: john.lewis@mcgill.ca
Room N2/5, Tel.: (514) 398-4401

*(Retired, part-time; not accepting graduate students)*

Research Interest

Ecology of corals and coral reefs. Current research: The biology and ecology of the hydrocoral Millepora on coral reefs.

Millepora alcicornis

Millepora complanata

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Selected Publications

Lewis, John. B. 2013. Darwin's Coral Atoll. Friesen press, Victoria, B.C. ISBN978-1-4602-0622-5

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Lewis, J.B. 2006. The Biology and Ecology of the Hydrocoral Millepora on Coral Reefs.  Advances in Marine Biology 50, 1-55.

Lewis, J.B. 2006. An Annotated Bibliography of Publications on Contemporary and Fossil Coral Reefs of Barbados, West Indies. McGill University, 2006 - 115 pages. [Available in at the McGill University Bookstore]

Lewis, J.B. 2004. Has random sampling been neglected in coral reef faunal surveys? Coral Reefs 23: 192-194.

Lewis, J.B. 2002. Evidence from aerial photography of structural loss of coral reefs at Barbados, West Indies. Coral Reefs 21:49-56.

Lewis, J.B. and Marsden, J.R. 2002. Publications, technical reports and theses from the Bellairs Research Institute of McGill University. Department of Biology, McGill University, 63pp.

Lewis, J.B. 1998. Occurrence and distribution of the Tanaid crustacean Leptochelia savignyi on the calcareous hydrozoan Millepora complanata. Bulletin of Marine Science 63:629-632.

Lewis, J.B. 1998. Reproduction, larval development and functional relationships of the burrowing spionid polychaete Dipolydora armata with the calcareous hydrozoan Millepora complanata. Marine Biology 130:651-662.

Lewis, J.B. 1997. Abundance, distribution and partial mortality of the massive coral Siderastrea siderea on degrading coral reefs at Barbados, West Indies, Marine Pollution Bulletin 34:622-627.

Lewis, J.B. and Oxenford, H.A. 1996. A field guide to the coral reefs of Barbados. Department of Biology, McGill University, 46pp. Lewis, J.B. 1996. Spatial distributions of the calcareous hydrozoans Millepora complanata and Millepora squarrosa on coral reefs. Bulletin of Marine Science 59:188-195.

Lewis, J.B. and Crooks, R.E. 1996. Foraging cycles of the amphinomid polychaete Hermodice carunculata preying on the calcareous hydrozoan Millepora complanata. Bulletin of Marine Science 58:853-856.


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